About us

Lifestyle goods shop and cooking classes

Relish is a small lifestyle goods shop founded in 2003,which also offers cooking classes.
We provide practical household goods which enrich the lives of our customers. This includes Japanese tableware and pottery,cooking utensils,natural food,and handicrafts.
Our shop’ s cooking class is run by our president Kaoru Mori.
She is an expert in Japanese homecooking,especially “Washoku” dishes.
Our cooking classes use the natural ingredients available in our shop,so it is highly recommended you give it a try!

 New arrival 

We are situated in Yamazaki

Yamazaki (Oyamazaki)is a small town in west Kyoto.

When you stand in Yamazaki station,you will feel the atmosphere of traditional Japan.
There aren’ t any shopping malls,fastfood shops. But there are beautiful mountains and historical temples and shrines as well as delicious bakelies and cafes. You will be able to experience true Japanese lifestyle here.

While in Yamazaki,you can also visit the Suntory Yamazaki Distillery (closed from November to the end of December 2015.) and the ASAHI BEER OYAMAZAKI VILLA MUSEUM OF ART which are both near our shop.